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YouTubing The Beltway Boys

Friday, July 27, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

John Kerry and Teletubbies
I used YouTube questions already submitted for the GOP presidential candidates to quiz Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke on today’s segment with them. I spent the first hour playing dozens of them and answering them. (The audio for the show will be posted here later). They are full of lunatic assumptions and hard left fevers. Which is why Josh Marshall, Andrew Sullivan and bunches of other pundits unfriendly to the GOP want the Republicans to drive up to the debate in Michael Dukakis’ tank wearing John Kerry’s Teletubby HazMat suit and take questions culled by CNN’s lefties for two hours.

I understand why these folks want the GOP’s top candidates to go into the box canyon, but cannot understand why so many ordinarily smart commentators don’t see what is waiting for Giuliani and Romney especially. It isn’t like these GOP front runners are ducking a legit debate as the Dems did the Fox News debate. Romney’s done three debates thus far –including one sponsored by CNN– and 50 “Ask Mitt Anything” forums aa well as hundreds of talk radio appearances. (He’s also accepted the invitation to the August 5th debate). The same is true for Rudy, and Fred Thompson is going to have to do the same (and very soon) if he is to be a serious candidate.

Love of the new technology shouldn’t trump political common sense, and for either of the front runners to agree to this looney format is to risk a great deal of hard work and the contributions of thousands of supporters for very little upside. Listen to today’s show when it is posted tonight and you’ll get a sense of the questions piling up in the YouTube in box. The moonbat brigades are just beginning to assemble, and the question queue is already beyond bizarre.

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