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YouCut Crosses The Pond

Tuesday, June 8, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A few weeks back Eric Cantor unveiled the new effort by House Republicans to create a culture of spending control by asking the public to vote which line item on a list of federal expenditures should be cut. The YouCut experiment has been very successful in drawing attention to the dizzying variety of ways in which taxes are wasted and the deficit increased.

Now the new government in Great Britain is taking a page from the GOP’s book and asking the public what needs to be cut. From the Times of London:

People will be urged to attend meetings and respond with ideas online as the coalition tries to bind the public into decisions that David Cameron acknowledged yesterday could be felt for decades.

The Prime Minister braced the country for “inevitably painful times” as the Government dealt with a deficit that was “even worse” than he had feared.

He said that on current trends, Britain would be paying by 2015 ?70 billion a year in interest on the national debt -more than the present budgets for schools, climate change and transport together. By then, the debt -the country’s mortgage as opposed to the ?156 billion budget deficit, or overdraft -would have doubled to ?1.4 trillion.

This was “a dire, unprogressive outcome”, Mr Cameron said as he built the case for a heavy assault on the deficit. He said that such action was “unavoidable”, but that he wanted to go about it in a way that strengthened and united the country. “As we deal with the debt crisis we must take the whole country with us,” he told an audience in Milton Keynes.

The House GOP recognizes as does Cameron that the public has to be behind the necessary effort to attack the deficit and the debt. Between now and November, every Republican in every race should point to our friends in the United Kingdom and note they have begun the hard work that cannot wait but which will take a Republican majority to begin.

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