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You Have The President’s Word On It

Friday, January 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A huge majority of Americans want Congress and the president to stop trying to jam this unworkable and wildly expensive scheme down our collective throats.

Michael Barone extrapolates the results of the Massachusetts senate election to all of the country and the political consequences for the Democrats of continued indifference to the strong opposition of the public are devastating. The president of course doesn’t care if his party’s majority gets wiped out, but as noted below, Democratic congressmen and senators have to ponder their next job if the White House, the Speaker and the Majority Leader keep pushing them towards the health care cliff.

The attacks on the financial sector which have led to two days of drops have also caught the public’s attention, and not in a favorable way. The president is in essence throwing a tantrum and costing real people real money. This isn’t the way to right a sinking ship.

Add to all these woes new terror alerts in Great Britain and India and the sense of the president’s misplaced priorities grows and grows.

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