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“You Don’t Need Papers For Voting”: An Update on California’s 50th.

Monday, June 5, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The numbers are breaking towards Brian Bilbray in California’s special election to fill the Congressional seat in California’s 50th District.

Drudge had the audio file up on the story on Dem candidate Busby telling a Spanish-speaking man who had wondered how he could help since he didn’t have papers, “You don’t need papers for voting.” My guess is that the audio clip will play at least a hundred times on radio heard in the district over the next 48 hours. It isn’t a gaffe so much as a stunning bit of clarity about Democratic indifference to the rules, and Busby can’t recover from it.

The local paper has a story on how negative the campaign has become. Ho hum. Every close campaign goes negative, but in this one, it will be Busby’s own words, not any spoken by Brian Bilbray or the NRCC that sinks her campaign.

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