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Yoni’s E-mail

Tuesday, August 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

YonitheBlogger got an e-mail from a Lt.Col in one of the IDF’s elite units.  A portion:

When we hit Kiryat Shmona it was like a ghost town, I mean instead of its normal self there were just a few thousand people that have stayed behind. They are the old or the people that are too poor to go south. Yoni, Haboob they all have a yellow tone to them; it is like the stress is making them sick.

I have never seen anything so weird, it was deathly quite when their was no incoming or out going.

We were walking through the center of town and their was an old woman sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette, then I heard a noise coming from Lebanon and then a Katusha landed about 75 meters from us. I dove to the ground and pulled my guest down with me. 7-8 more rockets landed about 200-300 meters from us.

When I looked up the old woman was still sitting there on that park bench smoking as if nothing was going on. She is just totally shell shocked.

Read the whole thing.

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