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Yet Another Try At “Changing The Narrative”

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A number of journalists and pundits are trying to spin the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona’s SB 1070 into an issue of great consequence for the fall campaign, even as a week earlier the DNC line chosen for amplification by the Manhattan-Beltway media elite was that President Obama’s order suspending deportation proceedings for younger immigrants brought here illegally but through no fault of their own was a huge political win for him.

The much greater likelihood is that the SCOTUS decision, like the president’s order, does nothing to move the few voters who remain undecided, and very little to motivate even the most directly impacted constituencies. Sure, the decision is news and a mixed verdict makes it hard to interpret that news, but the idea that any serious number of voters are going to march to the polls because of a Supreme Court decision on a state law or an executive order affecting a few thousand deportation proceedings is ludicrous.

One bit of evidence for this view: The table of contents of The Brief Against Obama is a list of the two dozen key issues in the campaign ahead. Only in chapter 19 does a related issue arise and even then it is the president’s failure to complete the border security program he promised, not an indictment of his record on deportation policy. That’s because the issue doesn’t register with most voters, one way or another. The left wants The Dream Act to matter to large numbers of voters, but it doesn’t. A small slice of the conservative vote wants Mitt Romney to denounce illegal immigration at every stop, but that slice is very small and Romney will have none of it.

The campaign is about a much larger issue –the direction of the country and whether, as Romney argues, a sharp U-turn is urgently needed. All attempts to sidetrack the electorate from that overarching issue have failed, and even Thursday’s decision on Obamacare will only matter to the extent it underscores the choice that has to be made.

What worries the Chicago gang, and what ought to worry down ticket Democrats everywhere, is that the economy’s doldrums are getting worse, not better, and that November’s cake is already baked for most voters on the question of the president’s massive incompetence. The latest diversion is the campaign against Romney as an outsourcer, and like the last half dozen attempts to “change the narrative,” this one has failed as well. Nobody cares. Voters care about how the country is going to rally from this mess, and they know Obama hasn’t got a plan or even a clue.

Thus, as Powerline’s John Hinderaker points out today, the growing hysteria in Democratic fundraising circles. The only hope the president has left is to hammer Romney with a billion dollars in attack ads, but the money isn’t coming in in anything like the quantity necessary to overwhelm Team Romney. Nor will it any time soon. The president has lost much of his own base who want the economy to grow as well. The president has to be worried about the Rasmussen and Gallup tracking polls that show Romney with a small but steady lead, and he really has to lose sleep over the growing chance that key parts of his party will want to shed him and his gang of incompetents for four years and come back with Hillary at the head of a re-energized party free of the odor of failure on so many fronts.

This is the president’s biggest political danger: That his own party will recognize the massive fail that the past 40 months represent and won’t want the prospect of a narrow re-elect and a GOP Congressional party able to complicate the president’a already feeble idea of the future. Better a clean break with the past four years of failure and a return with the DNC purged of the Chicago gang and the president’s palace guard exiled back to the shores of Lake Michigan.


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