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Yet Another Huckabee Gaffe

Friday, December 28, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From denies he is a Huckabee adviser.”

I think we will be getting disavowals from Arkansas high school geography teachers pretty soon.

Depending if you count the “end martial law” flub, Huckabee’s at five or six gaffes in two news cycles where foreign affairs mattered most –the apology for Bhutto’s assassination, the “end martial law” demand, the geography snafu concerning the location of Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, the number of Pakistanis crossing the southern border and Pakistan’s rank on the list of countries exporting illegal immigrants to the U.S. over that border, and now claiming Bolton as an advisor..

Plus there’s the story on accepting money from embryonic stem cell research advocates and pushers of the “morning after” pill.

Huck is making the Howard Dean of 2004 look calm and poised.

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