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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: And Publishing Details About SWIFT and the NSA Didn’t Help Terrorists Elude Capture.

Sunday, September 24, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

In service of the argument that the invasion of Iraq made Islamist jihadism worse, the unbalanced-by-Bush-Derangement-Syndrome staff of the New York Times prints accounts of another classified document, thus claiming the hat-trick of leaks of national security secrets in time of war.The Times argues that unnamed “intelligence analysts” from the agencies blasted by Lawrence Wright, Bill Gertz and others for incompetence before and after 9/11 –agencies from within which numerous attempts to undermine the Bush Adminsitration have issued periodically over the past few years– are certain that the invasion of Iraq made the problem of terrorism worse, not better. 

Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff responds responds.

From Wikipedia:





One of the compounds hit by the Riyadh Compound Bombings.


One of the compounds hit by the Riyadh Compound Bombings.

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