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Wow: The Democratic Party Nominates Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th; the Rhode Island Electorate Nominates Lincoln Chafee –Again

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Democratic Congressional nominee Keith Ellison (“also known by aliases that include Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad,” according to Powerline) won yesterday’s primary in Minnesota’s 5th District.  I didn’t think it was possible, but now the Democratic Party has nominated the extremist cut-and-run, anti-war lefty Ned Lamont in Connecticut, and the even more radical Ellison in Minnesota.

Any story tomorrow that fails to note basic facts about Ellison is an indictment of the MSM.

Ellison’s spin machine is formidable, but the “courageous” MSM must have at least enough integrity to write clearly about Ellison’s positions –past and present– and his credentials?

Or not.  The coverage of the Ellison campaign will illuminate the MSM’s many biases in ways unique and very, very revealing.

GOP nominee Alan Fine is a classic moderate Republican along the lines of many northeast GOPers.  Any fair coverage of this race will contrast Fine’s “moderate” –indeed center-left– positions with those of Ellison’s.   

But fair coverage of such races vanished long ago.  The MSM has thrown in with the Democrats in this cycle, and there is zero chance of old media producing anything remotely like a thorough review of Ellison’s past and his written and spoken words.

And, yes, I know, Lincoln Chafee got the GOP Senate nomination in Rhode Island on the strength of non-Republican votes.  This is a very unfortunate development, and rewards an almost cosmic incoherence on the part of Chafee.  I remain firmly of the opinion that the defeat of Chafee is in the best interests of the GOP, and understand the false comparisons with the Lamont-Lieberman race that will follow.  Simply put:  Lincoln Chafee did not vote for the invasion of Iraq, for the re-election of President Bush, or for the confirmation of Justice Alito.  He has blocked years of efforts to attend to the rights of property owners burdened by his ill-informed enthusiasms for non-endangered species classified as “endangered” as a means of extending federal control of land use decisions.  Chafee sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from which post he has repeatedly harassed –and in the case of Ambassador Bolton– obstructed the foreign policy of the United States.

Joe Lieberman is a Democrat –an FDR/Truman/JFK Democrat.  He deserved the support of party men and women. Chafee is no sort of Republican I have ever encountered. Genuine “partisans” in the sense that Disraeli declared himself “a party man” need lose no sleep in tossing him from the political bus.

I believe in the “big tent.”  A very big tent.  Example: I urged the re-election of Arlen Specter in 2004 because Senator Specter gets the big ones right.  And Chairman Specter has proven to be a very effective proponent of the president’s judicial nominees, especially the nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

There is no such argument —none— to be made on behalf of Senator Chafee.

Lincoln Chafee is an affable and even winsome fellow.  His father was a very, very good man and a fine senator.  But Lincoln Chafee is simply not equal to the task of being in the Senate in a time of war.

The Rhode Island GOP voters who voted for Steve Laffey would be well advised to vote for the Democratic nominee in November.

And the Democratic voters in Minnesota’s 5h Congressional District would be well advised to vote for Alan Fine.


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