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Would “Vomiting Out Obamacare” Be Too Strong A Description For The Election?

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The New York Times recognizes what any objective observer has known for months –Democratic incumbents are fleeing Obamacare.

Key line in the story:

Strikingly, just after Labor Day, the only House Democrats with television ads on the health care law were among the 34 who broke with the party to vote against it.

Strikingly? That is truly funny. What next? “This just in to the New York Times: Unemployment is an issue in the elections and voters don’t think the ‘stimulus’ worked”?

Day after day stories accumulate over the trainwreck that is Obamacare. Here’s the Wall Street Journal account of the RUC process that did not get fixed by the law. Here’s an observation from today’s Des Moines Register editorial on the subject:

But some employers may choose to stop coverage anyway. It may simply make financial sense for them if the penalty is a fraction of the cost of providing health insurance, and other considerations aren’t a factor.

Even the biggest, most heavily subsidized plans are hitting their employees with higher costs. “Open season” for the federal workforce is arriving on 11/8, buta summary of the price hikes has been published by Government Executive Magazine:

The total average premium increase for FEHBP plans will be 7.3 percent, or $27.10 per pay period, the Office of Personnel Management announced on Oct. 1. Of that amount, the government will increase its contribution to employees’ health care costs by $18.86 per pay period, or 7.3 percent. That leaves federal workers with an average increase of $8.24 in their premiums, or 7.2 percent.

The average nonpostal employee will see premiums rise by $5.53 per pay period for individual coverage, and by $11.45 for family coverage. For postal workers, premiums will cost an extra $6.10 per pay period for individual coverage and $12.73 more per pay period for family plans.

As Obamacare rolls out voters are stunned to discover they are paying more for less.

On Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel Monday night, Bob Beckel confidently predicted that Obamacare-repeal would die in the Senate and that if it passed it would be vetoed.

He may be right, but as Obamacare rolls out it will remain the destroyer of Democratic careers, and with two Democratic senators for every Republican senator on the ballot in 2012, it will be political suicide for the Dems to block repeal or for the president to keep vetoing efforts to scrap the disaster and start again.

Democrats bought into the Obama/Pelosi/Reid propaganda about voters liking the bill once they understood it. Voters understand paying much more for a lot less, and they hate it, and the politicians who jammed the bill that caused the nightmare down their throats. This is the essential political dynamic of the next two years, one that combines with the national shudder over out-of-control spending and special deals for special friends like the “stimulus” and the UAW bailout.

The wave isn’t going away until the Democrats who triggered it are gone or at very least repentant of the enormous damage they have done and willing to work to clear away the rubble and help the grown-ups rebuild.



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