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Saturday, January 26, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

about the commitment of Senator McCain advisor Juan Hernandez to his “not two countries, it’s just one region” rhetoric.

The significance of the role of Dr. Hernandez on the McCain campaign team is not his past statements or his service in the cabinet of President Fox. It is what his role says about Senator McCain’s views on the illegal immigration issue and whether the senator’s repeated declarations that he heard the American people represent a tactical flip flop or a genuine change of heart on the issue towards the combination of border security and no path to citizenship.

If President Bush had kept all of his old advisors on Iraq rather than bringing on Secretary Gates and General Petraeus, would Senator McCain believe that the surge represented a change in strategy? The presence of Dr. Hernandez on Team McCain clarifies for the GOP the crucial fact that if they vote for the senator and he wins the presidency, McCain-Kennedy 3.0 will be part of the next four years.

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