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Winning The War, Not The Battle

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As the battle over the 14th amendment becomes hotter than I ever thought possible, I cannot help but think it is really about something else. Sure there is a case that can be made about birthright citizenship, but this debate seems to be about something deeper.  If you think about it, as opposed to simply standing there and gasping at the audacity, there was a case to be made for most of the extra-constitutional maneuvers on the part of Obama.  The problem has been that he never made the case nor gave the system time to decide if the case was valid.

The problem with the current 14th amendment debate is it has that same feel to it.  It is as if we on the other side of the roster have finally found an issue where we feel justified in acting the same way, and by golly we are going to do so!  It feels more like revenge than legal argument.  It is an understandable impulse – sympathy and empathy with it come quickly and naturally.  But I fear that if we give in to the impulse we may win an important battle but deeply harm our conservative souls, ultimately losing the war.

“Conservative” means to “conserve” which the dictionary defines as:

protect (something, especially an environmentally or culturally important place or thing) from harm or destruction.

If we respond to Obama’s extra-constitutionality by acting in the same fashion we do not protect the Constitution, we further erode it.  That is not conservative in any fashion.

If you believe the 14th amendment does not create birthright citizenship then find a plaintiff and bring your case.  Allow it to work its way through the system until the Supreme Court decides.  That’s the conservative approach.  But to elect a president to act with his pen as Obama has acted with his is a step further down the road to chaos, it does not conserve the constitution.

We face a difficult choice in this election.  The Obama administration has been nothing short of hellish in its disregard for commonly held standards and the Constitution.  As a result we have fallen farther and faster than many of us thought possible.  But as we fight to win back territory currently in opposition hands we must be careful to also restore regard for those standards and the constitution.  Without such regard we may win back territory but we will never be able to hold it for very long.

The Apostle Paul put it well:

Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men.


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