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Will Newspapers Run The Photo Tomorrow?

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And if so, on the front page, next to the story on Kerry’s “apology?”

Powerline has identified the unit which provided at least some of the soldiers in the photo –1st Brigade, 34th Infantry Division (MN National Guard)– so MSM should have no trouble gathering reactions to Kerry’s “apology” from the now famous eight.

But really, will the dead tree media refuse to run a picture that not only had a major impact but that people would gladly buy a newspaper to have in print?

And here was Christopher Hitchens on CNN with Andrew Sullivan and Paula Zahn a few minutes ago:

Zahn: You still haven’t answered the question whether you think it will change any votes?

Hitchens: Well, I just went on a conservative talk show –radio show– where they said they were getting a huge number of e-mails and I don’t think they were making it up from service people and their families, really steamed, who really did think that Kerry ad meant them by his klutziness.  And if that is true, it will outlive Andrew’s attempt to put it down.”

Hitchens invited e-mails from my audience on air today and gave this e-mail:

And Mark D. Roberts has part 4 of his series on the theology of Andrew Sullivan up, btw.


Many e-mails on the subject, but my favorite today (and with which I leave off blogging after a busy day:


Dear Hugh, I just wanted to apologize to you for your being so stupid as to be a Browns fan. If I’ve hurt your feelings at any time by critisizing your incredibly stupid choice of favorite teams, I’m sorry that you are really that stupid. I’m really sorry that you are so stupid that your only option in life was to be a Browns fan, but please remember–I’M CARL C____ and I’m a lot smarter than you!
God Bless Carl the Lessor
He’s a Steeler fan, and I don’t know who typed it for him.
Here’s the transcript of my interview today with Christopher Hitchens on Kerry (and on Kerry’s Vietnam-era charges.)  The audio will be here.  One exchange on Kerry’s “apology” worth noting:
HH: For example, are you married, Mr. Hitchens?

CH: Several times. Just kidding. Yes, I am, yeah.

HH: Okay, if you’re fighting with your current wife, and you…and she’s really mad at you, and you deliver the sort of apology that John Kerry delivered today, is she going to say okay, Christopher, that’s fine?

CH: Well, certainly not, not if she’s the woman I take her for.

Vietnam veterans may be disappointed with Hitchens’ ambivalence about or acceptance of Kerry’s 1971 charges.  Read it for yourself.



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