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Will Any Democrat Candidate In A Close Race Run On What They Want To Do Or On What They Have Done?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Will Barbara Boxer run on her “leadership” on the global warming/climate change bill that sent shudders even through her own caucus and which couldn’t even get through a 60-vote Democratic majority?

Will Harry Reid, Patty Murray or Blanche Lincoln trumpet Obamacare’s triumph?

Will Ron Wyden or Russ Feingold or Joe Sestak campaign on the priority they attach to card check and a carbon tax, just after they extol the virtues of the $850 billion stimulus?

Is Michael Bennet going to defend and praise the seizure of GM and the need to further destroy Colorado’s oil industry via a cap-and-tax regime?

Has Alex Giannoulias been defending President Obama’s hostility towards Israel, his appeasement towards Iran and the cuts at the Department of Defense?

All of these policies and more have been the product of the Democratic majorities, and the plans for 2011-2012, from the massive tax hikes to the continued soaring spending are more and more of the same.

The Washington Post this morning details President Obama’s plans to regain political momentum, and, surprise, those plans don’t include highlighting his legislative “achievements” of 2009 and 2010 or the agenda he wants pushed in 2011.

No GOP candidate should allow the Dems to airbrush the past two years or avoid their plans for the next two.


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