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Why James Webb Will Win the Virginia Senate Democratic Primary

Tuesday, May 30, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the Virginian-Pilot (HT: Real Clear Politics):

Just three months into his first run for elected office, Webb is still learning how to be a candidate. He can seem ill at ease in a crowd; anger sometimes flashes through.

After the taping of a contentious television talk show in Norfolk with Webb and his rival for the Democratic nod, former technology industry lobbyist Harris Miller, reporters asked each if he would support the other as the nominee. The primary is June 13.

As Webb began his response, Miller interrupted. Webb glared at him.

“Harris, if you’ll shut your mouth, I’ll answer the question,” Webb snapped. “If you win, I will support you.”

“If you’ll shut your mouth” is one of those “I paid for this microphone” moments. One is enough, but one can be very valuable indeed.

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