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Why Aren’t You At Your Get-Out-The-Vote Operation? Plus, Democrats Tell African-American Kendrick Meek To Get Out Of Race In Favor Of Crist

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The election that will stop America’s slide towards economic ruin and the massive expansion of federal power is underway and you are wasting time cruising around your favorite blogs? Get over to headquarters and start making calls. 96 hour GOTV campaigns will decide scores of races across the country, including some of the highest profile ones as well as some in which the polls have declared a Democrat to be comfortably ahead. Plus, as Mark Steyn said on Thursday’s program, these elections have got to be beyond “the margin of lawyer.”

Steyn’s phrase barely edges out P.J. O’Rourke’s “This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.” for best summary of the season in which we find ourselves. O’Rourke conveys the stakes, and Steyn the tactics the left will employ as a result.

If in your phone-banking you come across an African-American voter, you might want to direct his or her attention to this Politico story of Bill Clinton’s attempt to muscle African American Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek out of the Florida Senate race so former Republican Charlie Crist has a better shot of beating Marco Rubio.

Charlie Crist (left), Bill Clinton (center) and Kendrick Meek are shown. | AP Photos

This is not a great recipe for increasing turnout among black voters who might justifiably wonder why their party has abandoned the highest profile Democratic nominee in the country?

Watching Olbermann slobber over Charlie Crist last night had to be unnerving to many in the fringe bin as well. If Keith can so quickly abandon a lefty like Meek and provide a series of butt-slaps and attaboys to Crist when the chips are down, how trustworthy can the Keith be? Handed the perfect chance to drive a one-time hated Republican from the field and help Meek, Olby went all Mark Steyn-Leonard Bernstein on Crist instead. Who knew the hero of the left would go weak-in-the-knees for a good tan?

Many things to consider as you walk your precinct or dial your list. Stay at your post until the polls close. Then worry about Ed Schultz’s head spinning like the little girl’s in The Exorcist. Then get a copy of Stanley’s book –sinceVictor Davis Hanson has already read it, shouldn’t you?— and think about what is next.

Including whether the GOP is really going to work this hard to put a near Democrat in charge of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee. Watch that space. If the GOP Steering Committee puts moderates atop any of the big three –and especially atop the committee dealing with cap-and-tax and Obamacare– the blow to the caucus’ credibility will be profound. And the new members will be painted with the same brush. If on the other hand John Boehner figures some way to get a conservative atop all three, he will have instantly consolidated his credibility with the entire party, including its Tea Party wing.



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