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Who’s The Evilist Of Them All?

Monday, December 11, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Given the headlines marking Pinochet’s death, one can only imagine the send-off Cuba’s Castro will get.

The New York Times: Augusto Pinochet, Dictator Who Ruled by Terror in Chile, Dies at 91

The Washington Post: A Chilean Dictator’s Dark Legacy

The Los Angeles Times: Iconic dictator led ’73 Chilean coup: Backed by the U.S., his military regime killed and tortured thousands.

“The most notorious and enduring right-wing Latin American dictator in an era when military regimes dominated the region,” as the Boston Globe puts it (forgetting Castor), Pinochet was really a minor leaguer when it came to state terrorists of the last century, and certainly is many rungs below the soon-to-join-him Castro.  Unlike Castor, Pinochet’s regime’s economic policies increased the quality of life, and of course Pinochet did surrender power eventually. The 3,200 who disappeared to torture and execution under his iron rule marks Pinochet as an evil man, but Castro and many, many others of his century were criminals of a far greater scale.  It does not diminish Pinochet’s crimes to ask that they serve as a marker for when the brute of Cuba goes to his reward, or Khameni, or any of the Chinese maximum leaders.



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