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Who Sunk the Titanic?

Sunday, September 4, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

There’s an enormous amount of recrimination roiling the old and new media this weekend. Some great bloggers disagree with my view that this isn’t the time or the place for the debate, a view I hold because time is genuinely of the essence across the entire region, and no matter how outrageous the charge and how tempting the desire to refute, the energy wasted on that is energy not put into the relief effort. So even though the case for joining the “debate” is made by folks likePowerline’s Hinderaker, or JunkYardBlog, two excellent bloggers, I have to disagree about the urgency of responding to the nutters, even when they have big salaries and lots of airtime. Part of the frenzy and desperation on the left is rooted in the utter absurdity of their case. You don’t have to scream when the facts speak for themselves, and here they don’t, and can’t be made to, speak for the “Blame Bush” gang. Ever.

Every serious person knows that the Titanic didn’t sink because the Carpathia was slower than everyone might have wished.

And if the argument from priority doesn’t persuade, then trust the argument from prudence. See Kutuzov’s example. The folks who are trying to politicize the greatest natural disaster in the history of the country don’t deserve a response while people are still trapped, lost, and reeling backwards. They will eventually inherit the scorn they deserve.

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