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Monday, April 27, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Chapman University law professor John Tehranian has an important new book out on the role of Americans of Middle Eastern descent, Whitewashed: America’s Invisible Middle Eastern Minority, and on what Tehranian sees as a rising tide of discrimination against them as a result of the long war and the continuing conflict with Iran. John will join me on today’s program to discuss the book, which deals primarily with Iranian-Americans but which also covers Arab-Americans.

Whitewashed: America's Invisible Middle Eastern Minority (Critical America)

It raises many important questions as well as some fairly off-beat but interesting ones –given the enormous Iranian-American population of Beverly Hills and the hundreds of Persian-Americans who attend the school in question, how did the television show Beverly Hills 90210 manage to run for so many seasons without even a single Persian-American making a cameo on it?– before concluding on the very important subject of how the country should react when its enemies in the long war are primarily from the Middle East while millions of Middle Easterners have immigrated to the U.S. and become law abiding patriotic citizens.

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