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“Which Was The Hardest To Sing?”

Saturday, April 28, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

When Julie Andrews Edwards’ memoir comes out –she is just finishing it– I look forward to a long interview about her amazing career, begining with a childhood that included as I learned in our interview yesterday, sleeping in the undeground station at Mornington Cresent during the Blitz. 

HH: If you’re just finishing up a memoir, some of these questions are going to be very easy for you. Which was the hardest of all these memorable songs, whether from Camelot or My Fair Lady, or the other ones, that you had to master, which was the hardest to sing?

JA: Oh, my. Out of the two shows that you’ve mentioned, it’s a good question. I think probably, in all honesty, there was a song in My Fair Lady, an angry song called Just You Wait, Henry Higgins.

HH: Yes.

JA: …that Eliza sings, and hurls at her Svengali, so to speak. And it was not high to sing, but there was so much shrieking and rage in it, that if you weren’t careful, you could tear your voice to shreds on it. So to do that role, which I did for like three and a half years, eight performances a week, you have to be very careful, and look after your throat.

HH: Wow, do you wake up still dreaming about that kind of a run?

JA: Yes, I certainly do. And since I’ve been writing about it recently, it’s all come flooding back.


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