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Where to spend your $150 on candidates (or $300, or $450, or $600 etc).

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It’s that time of the political cycle. Time to put your money where your rhetoric is. Time to make campaign contributions.

Small donors matter. A lot. Because most people can afford $50 dollars a month for three months to save the Republic from a Democratic Party that has gone way off the left side of the rails, here are my suggestions –in prioritized order– on where to spend your first $150 as we head into the stretch

My assumptions: A Democratic takeover of either the House or the Senate would be a disaster because the Democratica are full of a toxic combination of fury and genuinely terrible policy ideas. In a nutshell they want impeachment, income taxes, to abolish ICE and to assail President Trump 24/7.  They aren’t campaigning with a platform, but with torches, tar and feathers.  If the House flips, President Trump will be impeached and sent to trial in the Senate by May, 2019, no matter what Special Counsel Mueller says

The Senate matters more than House because having seen two Supreme Court seats go the GOP because of  Harry Reid’s rules jam down of 2013, and 25-35 superb originalists seated for life by President Trump, Leader McConnell and Judiciary Chair Grassley, Chuck Schumer will simply shutter the process  of advise and consent.

Either or both bodies will stall and reverse Trump’s military buildup

So the Senate races matter most. Control of the House matters more than governorships. 

Governorships matter more than any state office, but none matter more than a single Senate seat. 

Don’t give to state senate or state house races, period. And I really can not recommend giving to governor campaigns either. That friends, family and constituent fund raising. The citizen giving to help the Republic get through the next two years by rebuilding the military and restocking the federal bench with originalists will follow this menu, in this order:

  1. Give to the NRCC $10 —a cover bet that allows the pros at the NRCC make some ruthless decisions.  This is the only non-candidate specific recommendation I have. 
  2. Give to Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally $30 to help her win the open U.S. Senate seat in her state.
  3. Give to Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn $20 to help her win the open U.S. Senate seat in her state.
  4. Give to North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer $20 to defeat Democratic incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp.
  5. Give to Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley $20 to defeat Democratic incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill
  6. Give to West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey $20 to defeat Democratic incumbent Senator Joe Manchin.
  7. Give to Montana Auditor Matt Rosendale $10 to help defeat Democratic incumbent Senator Jon Tester
  8. Give to Michigan businessman John James $10 to defeat Democratic incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow
  9. Give to winner of Wisconsin GOP Primary $10 (I’ll provide the link when we have a nominee.)

Governor Rick Scott running for Senate in Florida against Democratic incumbent Senator Bill Nelson, Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci running for Senate against Democratic incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown  and Indiana businessman Mike Braun running against Democratic incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly can all self fund. Nevada Senator Dean Heller will be supported by NRSC as his is the only endangered GOP incumbent. 

The Senate is the most important battlefield because the judges matter most. And money matter in these statewide races. We need to make the Ds play defense in MI, OH, WI where odds of a win are longer but not impossible. The other contests all matter. Remaking the courts and rebuilding the military age the most important messages we can send and we send them though the Senate. A republic, not a judiciary-ruled aristocracy of political and media elites of the entitled and the protected. 


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