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Where To Give Campaign Donations?

Monday, September 25, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Heading into the fall campaign stretch run, donations are best made to the RNC and thus to Ken Mehlman’s stewardship.  Mehlman will have the latest data and the ability to deploy resources most effectively.  You can donate online here.

If, however, you are concerned about your dollars not ending up in the campaigns of conservatives that will vote the right way on Supreme Court nominees, then here are the big four:

Conrad Burns in Montana –where the hardest left is making its biggest push outside of Connecticut.

Mike DeWine in Ohio –where his Democratic opponent has a record in the House the equal of Nancy Pelosi’s.

Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania –where Santorum is under assault by the culture radicals because of his orthodox Catholic beliefs, his support for the president, and his willingness to speak clearly and without apology for conervative values.

Jim Talent of Missouri –where Democrats are pouring in millions to smear this superb senator.

Please dig deep for the RNC and these four senators.

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