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Where Stand The Church?

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Thanks to Scott Johnson for leading me to Notre Dame Law Professor Gerard V. Bradley’s entry in NR’s post-Obergefell symposium.  Excerpting Bradley:

…Obergefell’s evident determination to, somehow, use the law to equalize the self-esteem (“dignity”) of adults and children…

…the Court has perhaps half-witlessly embraced means to eliminate all felt “stigma,” any trace of social “humiliation,” just so that everyone’s “identity” is equally valued.

In other words the law is now trying to address what is essentially a psychological phenomena.  It explains a lot.

I have been struck since Friday with the “Blitzkrieg” nature of the the LGBT political agenda.  In political terms it has moved at lightening speed, never stopping to consolidate a victory, always pressing its advantage.  Of course that is in part strategic, but one must wonder if it is also not in part driven by the fact that no victory ever solves the root psychological problem involved.

If I am right here, Hugh’s conclusion in his discussion with the Smart Guys Friday is wrong. (Hughniverse subscription required)  They will come after churches’ tax exempt status quickly and forcefully, because once again the victory they achieved Friday will not solve the psychological problem.  So churches everywhere must defend themselves legally.

To be effective there will have to be some sort of legal ecumenism.  The resources required in this legal fight will be gigantic.  We will have to find a way to pool our resources to fight it.  We will have to leave our numerous and sometimes serious theological differences at the door to survive.  If we could ally with Stalin to beat Hitler, certainly Christians and Jews and Muslims of all sorts in America can ally to fight this legal war.

But more must be done.  We must engage at the root problem.  We have just seen in Prof. Bradley’s wise words that the root problem is not legal – it is psychological, and spiritual.  If we can solve that problem, the legal problems will evaporate.  And the root problem is the church’s problem, not the lawyers.

And so, pool the money, hire the lawyers and lobbyists and set them loose to fight that good fight.  But then, get busy about the business of being the church.  Help the needy, feed the hungry, love the apparently unlovable – and remember while we do so that our legal enemy is among the needy the hungry and the apparently unlovable.

I am struck by the fact that Obergefell came down on a Friday.  Christ died on a Friday – and was resurrected on a Sunday – somehow more Lord and Savior than he was before He died.  So today, Sunday, His church must come back, more filled with love, more filled with compassion, just more church than it was before.


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