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When Is A Negative Story A Gift To A Candidate? When It Is Published After Many (Most?) Of The Ballots Have Been Cast.

Friday, August 6, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New York Times has a story on Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s tenure as head of the Denver public schools which will raise serious questions about his judgment and damage his chances for the Democratic nomination despite President Obama’s strong endorsement and efforts on Bennet’s behalf.

Bennet and his team led the Denver schools into a risky financial scheme appropriate for private investors risking private money. As a custodian of public funds, Bennet ought never to have placed what amounts to a bet on interest rates. Recall that this scheme was put into place years after the 1994 bankruptcy of the County of Orange, California, brought about by a county treasurer –also a Democrat– making interest rate bets with taxpayer money.

This story should hand the election to left-winger Andrew Romanoff, and almost certainly would have had it been published in a timely fashion, at the start of the period of mail-in balloting in the Rocky Mountain State, which was July 19.

How long has the Times been sitting on this damaging story about an incumbent senator facing a stiff primary challenge with ballots being cast for more than two weeks?


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