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When Cornered…

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The Host’s WaPo Colunn is blistering:

Media elites locked inside “blue bubble” newsrooms don’t see, hear or feel it. Just as they didn’t see, hear, or feel the 2016 volcano’s rumblings either.

There is indeed widespread, genuine sympathy for Christine Blasey Ford. But millions don’t believe Kavanaugh assaulted Ford, though they believe she has been assaulted, and they won’t be eye-rolled into saying otherwise.

The other allegations spitballing out at the judge have caused the country to shudder. So deeply deceptive, manipulative and unfair are the proceedings, they rightly brought forth comparisons with McCarthyism. The Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss didn’t make Hollywood screenwriters traitors, and Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby and all the other such alleged predators don’t make the Georgetown Prep Class of 1983 into their accomplices by assertion. Democrats seem to think that the refusal to saddle up with the new Roy Cohns of the left dooms the right. The right is convinced the opposite is true. November will tell.

But it was this tweet yesterday that started my blood boiling:

As  Republican I am starting to feel like a cornered animal.  No matter what I do, no matter how many elections I win, the goalposts move and I lose again.

Some of us knew Obamacare was going to be the historically proven disaster it now is.  So we worked very hard to elect Scott Brown to stop it.  But then the rules changed and suddenly there was “reconciliation” and it happened anyway.  So then to stem the tide of bad ideas that was the Obama administration we took the legislature away from him.  Unperturbed by such electoral shenanigans there came a regulatory avalanche.  The rules kept changing; the goalposts kept moving.

So then Trump, we take the whole shebang, elected in large part based on his promises regarding the courts, and the fates smile upon us with two opening in his first two years in office and what happens?  Well come nomination #2 and we are treated to weeks of rule changes and goalposts moving.  Five, count ’em five, full field background investigations are not enough.  Hours of testimony are not enough….

Cornered animals are dangerous animals.  And that’s what this amounts to.  The Dems keep trying to take away any avenue to victory for Republicans.  They want to corner us because they do not think we have the conjones to fight back.  It is time to prove them wrong.

If there is a wavering Republican vote, and it does not sound like there is, then they need to know there will not be a dollar of NRSC money for them the next time they are up.  Those of us that work hard to support Republicans around the country will not support them.  “Primaried” would be too good for them, I’ll want their resignations.

Democrats not of the coastal variety, your peril is very real too.

The American people are remarkably tolerant of a lot of stuff, but there is one thing they hate with a passion – having the rules change out from under them just when they think they are getting ahead.


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