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What You Can Do About An Economy Without Confidence And A President Without A Clue: Join “Winning In November”

Saturday, August 7, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This is an appeal to join the hundreds of thousands who have already signed up at WinningInNovember via the banner above or to the side, and to help build the virtual network that will push for a U-Turn from President Obama’s and Nancy Pelosi’s current policies.

My conversation with Charles Krauthammer from Friday’s program about Mayor Bloomberg and the mosque will be transcribed and posted here later today. I have also opened a thread on the debate at the Hughniverse’s blog.

The news surrounding the mosque and, from the opposite coast, marriage, obscured the story that erupted midweek from Missouri: 72% of voters in that state’s election turned thumbs down on Obamacare.

And that was before another terrible jobs report and another senior official’s resignation from the president’s “inner circle” of economic advisors. The gang that promised that the stimulus would prevent unemployment from rising above 8% are stuck with a 9.5% that feels like 15%.

The president’s plan? Raises taxes massively in January. And keep passing out the pork to special interest friends of Democrats everywhere.

As economist Brian Wesbury noted on yesterday’s show, markets do not yet believe that the GOP will take the House or make large gains in the Senate. Robust economic growth will not return until small business owners and investors believe that the government will stop acting so haphazardly and with such confiscatory zeal.

A return to growth requires a massive change in the makeup of Congress.

WinningInNovember is a project of Americans for Prosperity that will help millions of Americans impact the vote via specific directions on what simple steps to take to push free market, pro-growth candidates over the next 80 days. President Obama’s virtual organization has lost a great deal of its energy as his policies have driven the country into a deep malaise, but pro-growth activists have not yet organized around the fall campaign.

That is changing right now with the roll-out of this new technology. Please join me in using some of your time between now and November to assure that Missouri’s vote on Tuesday turns out to have been a predictor and not an abberation.

UPDATE: A reminder from Powerline’s Scott Johnson of what the country gets when its mainstream sits out an election –Al Franken presiding over the Senate as a desperately attention-needy clown.

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