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What Will The Strib’s Eric Black Write?

Wednesday, October 4, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Patty Wetterling’s despicable and fraudulent ad in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District  –analyzed by Dean Barnett here– was commented on during today’s program  by Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz.The ad has been written up without comment on its content or accuracy here by Eric Black of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  I invited Mr. Black on the program to discuss the ad.  He declined.  We will see if tomorrow the Strib follows Howard Kurtz’s advice on how to cover such a fraudulent ad, advice which will be posted in a transcript here later today. 

UPDATE: Geraghty, on Wetterling and Foleyfallout:

And yet somehow, the very first ad from the Democrats that addresses this issue feels a need to… well, lie. To stretch the charges beyond anything resembling the facts as we know them.

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