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What Will Obamacare Mean –To You. Part 3.

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From another reader:

Thanks for the invitation for input.

First my mind-set. I don’t think Democrats give a rats backside about what the American people think. Polls could be 65 / 35 against and they will still impose the Obamanation.

Next my situation. I am 69 years old and have worked for Lockheed-Martin for 30 years. I had hoped to retire at 70, but since the economic melt-down, will probably work to 75. For 30 years we have been covered by one HMO or another (“worker-bee” coverage, not executive level). We have been very satisfied with the coverage. This year, Lockheed-Martin is instituting its own coverage. We will see how that works out. If Obamacare becomes law, the corporation will dump us into the government system. That’s what corporations do.[# More #]

As I said, I’m 69 and my wife is 65. If Obamacare had been in place 5 years ago, we would both be dead. As Mark Steyn says, the government would have reduced our carbon foot prints to zero.

Five years ago on Christmas, I had a massive heart-attack. I was rushed to a brand-new private hospital in south Denver, where all of the latest technology was used to save my life. I was given 3 stints (the latest improved models) that are still working perfectly. The HMO paid almost all of the bills.

Three years ago my wife was rushed to the same private hospital. After 12 hours of extensive tests, a specialist discovered that an old spine injury was putting pressure on the spinal column and that she was in danger of complete paralysis. She was in surgery the next day (with the best surgeon and the best support team in Colorado). She has since made a full recovery. The HMO paid almost all of the bills.

We are not stupid people. We know how Obamacare works in Canada. We know how Obamacare works in Britain.

This is not a rational argument (at least not at the level of how will this work or what will it cost?).

Democrats are dead set on taking control of every aspect of every individual American’s life (and death)….

Our only hope is to identify the few remaining sane Democrats and get them to vote against the bill (and while we are at it, we will need a few extra votes to off-set the RINOS).


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