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What Will Gibson Ask?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

ABC’s Charlie Gibson gets the first big interview with Governor Palin and his questions will almost be as interesting as her answers.

Gibson has had a chance to ask Obama tough questions before, and generally did not. The relationships between Obama and Rezko, Ayers and Wright are still largely unexplored by MSM. Obama’s bogus claims of a commitment to “reform” despite his career long embrace of the Cook County/Daley machines received zero challenges. Gibson’s colleague George Stephanopoulos did ask a question about Ayers, but the pushback from the left was so intense that the rematch this past weekend saw no follow-up even though Obama quite clearly mischaracterized his relationship with Ayers in round one.

Millions of women will be watching Gibson to see if the Beltway-Manhattan media elite double standard emerges, with one type of question deployed for women and another for men.

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