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What Will Be The Carbon Footprint Of The Obama-Clooney Switzerland Bash?

Thursday, August 7, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

So Obama will be jetting off to Geneva, Switzerland to hob nob with the expats and raise a bundle of cash with the help of George Clooney.

I guess that’s what citizens of the world do.

But what about Al Gore’s 10-years-to-get-off-oil command? If global warming really is a crisis and the transition to clean energy the most urgent of all issues, does continent-hopping really responsible behavior?

Over and over again we see behaviors from proponents of massive regulation to stave off global warming that undercut their claims of urgency. (See Powerline’s report on Al Gore’s houseboat for another example.)

The Obama-Clooney-Pelosi-Marie Antoinette Democrats intend to maintain their lifestyles even as ordinary voters forfeit theirs at the pump and via massive government regulation.

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