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What To Do Next

Sunday, March 21, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Even as the votes are cast, opponents of Obamacare and the serial assaults on the Constitution it embodies both in the substance of its provisions and the methods used to advance it have to realize that the only solution is repeal, and the only path to repeal is a GOP majority in the House.

If you are genuinely angry or afraid or both, then mark today with the first of many contributions to the Republican National Congressional Committee, which has been transforming itself into an effective and very focused organization in the last two months. It is time to give up any lingering resentment over the squandering of the GOP majorities, and to focus on the future. Start with a contribution symbolic of the commitment to the repeal of the deals today, and do it online here.

From the NRCC I’d like to see a target list of Democrats, ranked in tiers of ten races, from “must vulnerable” to “most secure” based on the voting history and present polling data on the district. The new activists don’t want to sit on their hands until the fall, but want to start organizing and focusing their efforts now. Congressional Democrats have gone all in for the president’s radical agenda, and the NRCC ought to recognize the desire of the newly activated and the re-energized to do more than send a check though those checks matter. Just point to November’s targets, and a great deal of preparatory work will get done between now and the emergence of nominees.


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