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What The MSM Doesn’t Cover: Leahy, Tester, Menendez

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Radical Democrat Jon Tester in Montana calls for the repeal of The Patriot Act –the whole law. Have you seen that reported anywhere?

Corrupt Robert Menendez is sinking under rolling revelations about his past and the practices of his closest friends. Did that make CNN’s The Situation Room?

160 House Democrats vote against the tribunals bill because of a highly developed sense of terrorists’ rights, and 34 of their Senate colleagues joined them today.  Will their arguments –in detail– grace the front pages tomorrow?

And the attention is on scurrilous and wholly unsubstantiated lies leveled at George Allen?

I refer you to Thomas Edsall and Jonathan Alter, candidly and casually admitting to the overwhelming left wing bias of the MSM. That bias manifests itself primarily in the selection of stories that are covered and those that are not, in the emphasis put on anti-GOP angles and “news,” and the minimization of Democratic scandals and pratfalls.

The good news is that the Democrats insist on shouting at the public that they are not serious about the war.

Here’s the key excerpt from the last Burns-Tester debate:

CB: He wants to weaken the Patriot Act. He wants to take the tools away from the people that work for us, or our protection, every day. He wants to weaken that. I do not want that to happen in this war on terror.

JT: Let me be clear. I don’t want to weaken the Patriot Act. I want to repeal it.”

That’s what the Democrats want to bring to D.C.

You can contribute to Conrad Burns’ campaign here.

But the real story of the day –the one that should be on the front page of every paper in America tomorrow– is what Democrats said in the course of opposing the deatainees’ tratment and trial bill before voting overwhelmingly against it. There is far too much to recount, so I’ll focus on one speech in particular, because it was given by the man who would control the hearings on nominations to the courts, including the Supreme Court, if the Democrats regain the Senate.

If Democrats return to control of the United States Senate, Vermont’s loopy Pat Leahy will be back in the saddle as Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Here’s a portion of what he had to say today concerning the detainees’ treatment and trial bill, a speech so completely expressive of the Moore’s Disease that has gripped the Democratic Party that I played it twice so that the audience could hear the left’s genuine view of the past five years and of the world:

“This is not just a bad bill. This is truly a dangerous bill..I have been asking Secretary Rumsfeld for the last several weeks whether our actions are eliminating more of our enemies than are being created. But now we understand. We are creating more enemies than we are eliminating. Our intelligence agencies agree the global jihadist movement is spreading and adapting, and is increasing in both numbers and geographic dispersions. We aren’t making ourselves safer. We’re putting us more at risk. Intelligence agencies go on to note the new jihadist networks and cells with anti-American agenmdas are increasingly likely to emerge and the operational threat will grow not only abroad but in the homeland. This is truly chilling.

The Bush Cheney Adminstration not only failed to stop 9/11 from happening, but for five years failed to bring Osama bin Laden to justice even though they had him cornered at Tora Bora –they yanked our special forces out of there to send them into Iraq. We witnessed the growth of additional enemies.

When America can be seen abandoning its basic American Democratic values, its checks and balances and its great and wonderful legal tradition, and is seen as becoming more autocratic and less accountable, how’s that going to help foster democratic reforms elsewhere? Do as I say and not as I do is a model that has never successfully inspired peoples around the world, and it doesn’t inspire me.

The Administration has yet to come clean to the Congress or the Amerian people in connectiuon with the secret legal justifications it has generated, the secret practices it has employed in detaining and interrogating hundreds if not thousands of people. Even they cannot dismiss the practices at Guantanamo as the actions of a few bad people.

And the Administration is now obtaining license. Before they just did it quietly, and against the law, on their own say so, but now they are obtaining license to engage in additional harsh techniques that the rest of the world will see as abusive, as cruel, as degrading and even as torture. Unfortunately, a growing number of our own people see it that way too..

Secrecy for all time is to be the Republican rule of the day. Congressional oversight is no more.Checks and balances are no more. The fundamental check that was last provided by the Supreme Court is now to be taken away. This is wrong. This should be unconstitutional. It is certainly unconscionable, and it is certainly not the action of any Senate in which I have served. It is not worthy of the United States of America. What we are saying is one person will make all the rules. There will be no checks and balances. There will be no dissent. There will be nobody else’s view. And we will remove piece by piece by piece every single law that might have allowed checks and balances. We are rushing through legislation that will have a devastating effect on our security and our values, and I implore senators, step back from the brink, and think about what we are doing.

We should be doing, focusing on getting the terrorists, securing the nuclear material, doing the things that Senator Kerry has talked about, others have, win the peace in Afghamistan, where the Taliban has regrouped.

But instead the president and the Republican Senate leaders call for rubber stamping more flawed White House proposals, just in time, just in time for the run up to another election, and for the fund raising appeals to go out. And I’d hope that this time for the first time, even though the United States Senate is controlled by the presidents party that we could act as an independent branch of the government, finally serve as a check on this administration.

And after this debate and the rejection of all amendments intended to improve this measure, I see that that day is long past. I will continue to speak out, that’s my privilege as a United States Senator. But I weep for our country and our American values and the principles on which I was raised and which I took a solemn opath to uphold. I applaud those senators who stood several times on the flor today and who have voted to uphold the best of American values. Remember we are giving a blank check to a government whose incompetence was demonstrated in historic dimensions in the lack of preparations in repsonse to Hurricane Katrina. This is the same government in its fight against terrorism had Senator kennedy and Congressman Lewis on terrorist watch lists and then couldn’t get them off. This is a government that repeatedly releases confidential family information about our armed forces and veterans. It is a government that just refuses to admit any mistakes or make any corrections and regards all of its representatives from Donald Rumsfeld to Michael Brown as doing a heck of a job.

To this extended breath of pure fever swamp gas is part of the Democratic campaign, and has been since the spring of 2002. The secretary of Defense provided a short reply to this line of argument today:

“The implication that if you stop killing or capturing people who are trying to kill you, that therefore the world would be a better place is obviously nonsensical.”

The bill passed the Senate 65 to 34, but the voters must focus on those 34, and the positions of power they will hold if George Allen, Conrad Burns, Bob Corker, Mike DeWine, Rick Santorum, and Jim Talent lose their seats. With Reid as Majority Leader and Leahy as chair of Judiciary, the terrorists’ rights caucus would waste no time in paralyzing the war effort and intelligence gathering.

Dig deep and contribute as though the security of your country depended upon it.

It does.

And if you can bring yourself to comment on the Leahy outburst, send me the link.

UPDATE: Big Lizards points out that Leahy is incoherent even by Leahy standards when he asserts that special forces were pulled from Tora Bora to invade Iraq:

I was evidently misinformed that the Battle of Tora Bora took place sometime in December of 2001. There was not even a resolution on the table to invade Iraq at that time… the resolution was not even introduced into the Senate until October 2nd, 2002; it passed the Senate without amendment on October 11th, and was signed by the president on the 16th. And we did not send troops there until March of 2003.

So in the consensus reality — rather than in Leahy’s own private version of history — more than two solid years elapsed between the battle of Tora Bora and the call-up of troops for an invasion of Iraq. Whatever caused us not to kill or capture bin Laden in 2001, it certainly had nothing to do with the not-yet-extant invasion of Iraq.

Has this been the Democrats’ plan all along, why they took over the government schools: to so damage Americans’ knowledge of history that demented demagogues like Pat Leahy can make risible claims like this on the Senate floor and not be laughed out of Congress?

I eagerly await the transcription in the Congressional Record, to see whether he decides to “revise and extend his remarks.”

AsylumPundits has more.


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