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What Next For Gitmo?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Allahpundit speculates:

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the White House start a new push to close Gitmo and transfer the prisoners to a mainland facility this summer.

He is worried, as I am, that Democrats devastated in November will rush back to D.C. for a last hurrah of all sorts of ideological last stands. The 41 Republicans in the Senate should take a pledge now that no substantive laws will pass in the aftermath of the elections, and GOP candidates across the country should begin to demand commitments from their opponents that no such rush to the exits will occur.

Speaking of elections, Chip Cravaak is running against Minnesota lefty David Obestar. Cravaak has a great background for the times in which we live –Naval aviator, MBA from U. of Minnesota, airline pilot– and I am wondering what my pals in Minnesocold think of the race.


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