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What If The Obama Campaign Has Already Peaked? What If The President Gets Even Worse?

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  • President Obama plays golf in Asheville, N.C., in April. >

We believe in self-correction. Markets self-correct. Economies self-correct. Most people who gain a few pounds switch eating choices and drop them. We get lost driving and we consult Google maps or the GPS and presto, back on course.
Thus we expect President Obama’s campaign, in a free fall these past few weeks, to self-correct.
What if it doesn’t? What if it will remain as bad as it has been going forward?
The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty reports on the approach of panic time in the Democratic camp.
The Post’s Jennifer Rubin gives us 10 signs Team Obama is sinking.
Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff has the back story.
Romney fundraising is soaring, in gatherings and online. (Do your part here with $50 or more.) And if Romney announces his Veep selection earlier than tradition dictates –and there are many great reasons to do just that– that fundraising effort will gain even more momentum.

Which brings me back to a theme I have raised again and again. What if the president and his team aren’t competent at campaigns. Heresy, I know, but put aside the 2008 win and mark it down to the unique circumstances against running in the middle of financial panic against a great American who happened to be a terrible candidate, and doing so with a massive financial advantage, bolstered by a fawning press corps in a complete swoon, and at the close of an eight-year presidency that had bee surrounded by controversy since before it began.

Since then the president lost New Jersey to Chris Christie, Virginia to Bob McDonnell, Massachusetts too Scot Brown, 2010 to everyone, and so many foreign policy fiascos as to defy easy counting. He’s on the cusp of losing Obamacare.

What, say it quietly now, he’s just a loser with a lucky streak and the love of the Beltway-Manhattan media elite?

What if all those data mining stories are just the Potemkin villages of politics? What if Axelrod, Plouffe and Messina are the Larry, Curly and Moe of politics just as they have been of policy, and their candidate Chance the Gardner?

Sure, the president is bound to have a couple of good weeks. Mitt Romney is bound to stumble a few times. There will be an Obama bounce and the MSM will declare in unison that all is well and the president is shaking off his lethargy.

But what if he isn’t, and what if he doesn’t. What if he really is just the worst possible fellow to be in the White House and his “dream team” of consultants a really lucky group of third-tiers who ought never to have left Chicago?


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