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What Happened In Benghazi? What Does The President Not Know And When Did He Refuse To Learn It?

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The president’s series of pratfalls before the Univision audience today may have been triggered by the ominous numbers from Gallup, or from his simple recognition that every time he goes out in public he falls on his face because his record of incompetence and broken promises is too large to escape. (FYI: After early September in 2004, W never dropped below 49% in the Gallup tracking.)

Put aside the president’s “biggest disappointment” being the failure to achieve immigration reform or his whining about partisan opposition (the huge majorities he had for two years make both claims risible) and recognize that the “Washington can’t be changed from the inside” choke will be paired with “You didn’t build that” until the end of the campaign. A very bad political day indeed, and following the howlers on Letterman a day before, a sign of a struggling candidate.

The tortured responses on Eric Holder were also startling. This was supposed to be a friendly crowd, right? Even the most pro-Obama of the debate moderators now has a standard against which measures will be taken. How can they skip over the president’s failures that even Univision raised?

And nowhere more than with regards to the Benghazi slaughter, for it was on this subject that the president presented a narrative that sounds like a classic “modified limited hangout,” one spiced with the phrase “natural demonstrations.”

At least two media narratives are out there, neither of which matches the president’s dissembling today. The New York Times mounts as president-friendly an account as possible, but CBS –CBS!– has knocked the support out from under the president. Townhall’s Guy Benson examines the implications of the CBS account, and also provides a comprehensive review of the hole the president finds himself in after today’s stories and the president’s own spectacular gaffe.

It is always the cover-up, and it looks like a huge one is underway at the White House, and the idea that it can last six weeks in this environment with this many outraged people is hard to entertain. Sure, the MSM is deep in the tank for the president, but the slaughter of the four Americans is not something the political press can keep the real journalists from reporting, as with this new account in the Wall Street Journal.

The lefties in the MSM are now near panic, so heavily did many of them invest in Obama futures over the past two weeks. Having declared Romney’s candidacy dead –twice– they are now going to have to work harder and harder to revive Obama’s flagging fortunes, and like a gambler doubling down again and again, their desperation continues to become more and more obvious. Ditto with the pollsters outside of Gallup and Rasmussen. Those sample sizes…when they turn out to be far off the mark and the record of their existing and being defended is out there, well, quite a lot of reputations will be crashing along with the president’s standing. Zogby will have to start a support group for discredited pollsters.

Romney has kept his cool through the two weeks of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite’s version of the Ardennes offensive. He took some licks and his Gallup and Rasmussen numbers will probably tick down a bit more before they bounce back to and then above Obama’s, whose 48 hours of gaffes and lies and “I don’t remember precisely” will remind people of his lousy convention speech, but won’t show up in the rolling averages until next week.

Now comes the economic news: Leading economic indicators down. FedEx and B of A with terrible forecasts, the latter announcing 16,000 more layoffs. The jobless numbers looking grim.

The sugar high of the Democratic convention is gone. The real pollsters show the tie. The money advantage on the GOP side is enormous. And the candidate can’t make it through a soft-ball sit-down with the friendliest of interlocutors without big mistakes.

And the worst story of them all, of negligence leading to assassination and torture and followed by a cover-up that culd claim Hillary’s 2016 hopes as well as Obama’s 2012 ambitions is going to get uglier before it comes, to light.


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