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What Does the Congress Think of the New York Times’ Assist to Terrorists?

Friday, June 23, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The irresponsibility of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times combined with the arrogance of their management in refusing to be available to anyone concerning their decisions puts the burden on Congress to act.

Not, of course, with a law curtailing press freedom, which would be unconstitutional and opposed by any friend of the Constitution.

But rather, as Bill Kristol and I just spent a segment discussing, with House and Senate Resolutions –preferably drafted, debated and voted on next week– expressing outrage at the endangering of national security via the publication of sensitive national security information that obviously assists terrorists in eluding capture or killing.

Perhaps the papers would find some supporters among the congressmen and senators, but I believe that a strongly worded condemnation of the papers’actions would pass, and would as Bill argued, send the message that it isn’t the Bush Adminsitration the papers are defying, but the legislative branch as well.

And then let’s have some new hearings on the federal press shield law. If the papers really believe they deserve it, let them send their editors to defend that proposition.

Be sure to read Heather MacDonald’s and Gabriel Schoenfeld’s pieces from the new Weekly Standard on this subject.

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