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What Do Bloggers Of The Right Think About…?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

John Hawkins polls bloggers of the right, and the answers are very interesting.  My favorite results:

1) Are you pleased that the Senate immigration bill did not pass?

Yes: 49 — 96%
No: 2 — 4%


5) Do you believe that President Bush intends to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico in order to form a North American Union?

Yes: 3 — 6%
No: 46 — 94%

Part of the problem in getting D.C. elites to understand center-right rejection of the draft immigration bill is that the D.C. elites are used to hearing from the far out anti-illegal immigration gang that fears phantoms like North American Union.  The initial rejection of the rejection stemmed in part from the Beltway folks thinking that the anger they heard was the anger they always heard.  When volume and intensity finally communicated that the rejection of “Reform 1.0” was widespread and deep, it was back to the drawing board.

Unfortunately, the new direction seems like a bribe rather than a repair of the design.  The money won’t matter of probationary benefits kick in on day one, the trigger tied to length of the fence isn’t increased, and all illegals are treated alike, with no provision for “countries of special interest.”  Floating the buy-off was another prat-fall.  Try putting out the amendments first and the supplemental second. 

The numbers above, though drawn from a small sample, have enormous significance, but I don’t know if the Senate GOP understands that or the people behind them.

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