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What Did Pelosi Know, And When Did She Know It?

Monday, October 13, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Democratic Congressman Tim Mahoney has a sex scandal on his hands, and democratic leadership may have been complicit in the cover-up, according to ABC News’ Brian Ross.

The irony: Mahoney took disgraced Republican Mark Foley’s seat in 2006. Recall that when Foley became the headline last cycle, the MSM took out after the GOP leadership for failing to act to clean up the House.

So, will the in-the-bag-for-Obama-media put up a solid front for Pelosi this time?

Republican challenger Tom Rooney is looking very strong as a result of Mahoney’s scandal, but expect other GOPers to point to the Pelosi cover-up as evidence of what an Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika would accept as “ethical” from its rank-and-file.

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