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What Did John Kerry Do? Part 6.

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Kerry didn’t apologize on the Imus Show.

In fact, an listener to the entire interview has to agree with one of the Imus team, Charles McCord’s assessment.  Here’s McCord’s exchange with Imus after Kerry had left the program:

McCord:Somewhere Rosemary Woods is spinning in her grave, God bless her.

Imus: Charles, I was saying “God, just just hand me the shovel and stop digging.”

McCord: He didn’t have a shovel, he was at the controls of a backhoe.  Stop it. I thought he said he was against torture.

Imus:  24 to the hour here on Imus in the morning.

McCord: That wasn’t a tortured explanation.  That was mutilation..

Imus: You know, just, it is just a lot better to say exactly what you mean. And not try to be cute about it.  For everybody. Rush Limbaugh, him.  Everybody.

McCord: He could end it now. He could have ended it then if had simply apologized for what could have been construed as at least an insensitive remark that could have affected morale, military morale.  Just apologize for misspeaking and say this is what I meant to say

Imus: Well, he sort of said that.

McCord: Sort of.  But you couldn’t get him to make that apology.

The key statement Kerry did make on Imus was this:

Incidentaly, when you say I have done something in the past  I have told the truth in the past.  I have never done anything except tell the truth.  And I’m not going to take anybody’s comment to suggest that somehow my telling the truth was a mistake.  The American people rely on the truth, and when I came back from southeast Asia, I told the truth, and I am proud that I stood up and told the truth then, and I have told the truth about Iraq every single step along the way.

Rather than take the opportunity to incorporate by reference all of his slanders from 1971, both before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Meet the Press. 

That’s what Kerry thinks passes for an apology.

And that’s what Democrats running in Tuesday’s election should be asked about: Do they share Senator Kerry’s views of the American military today or then?  Should he apologize for what he said Monday or in 1971?

Why not defend the troops now and then instead of Senator Kerry, serial slanderer of the American military.




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