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What Did John Kerry Do? Part 4.

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Kerry has not only wounded himself and his party –at least those portions of it which fail to condemn his slander and insist on an apology– he’s also torching the remains of the MSM’s reputation.  Kerry trapped them into coming to his defense. 

Kerry to Don Imus this AM:

“I’m coming back to Washington today so I’m not a distraction.”

John Kerry is definitely not a distraction.  He’s his party’s standard bearer in 2004 and hopes to be again.

Of all the Democrats in the country in 2004, the Democrats picked him to be their candidate for the presidency.

John Kerry is the Democratic Party, and his decision to go to ground won’t dim the light he threw on himself and the party he leads.  It is a huge story, and the MSM is throwing itself into the defense of Kerry.

You can get thirty bishops and every MSM anchor and every lefty blogger in the world to absolve him –and it would not matter.

Because it was the military that he slandered, and the military heard what he said and itsn’t buying his explanation.

Among the professionals in the armed services there is quite a high premium put on honor.  John Kerry dishonored them, and refuses to acknowledge it or apologize.  So they won’t be forgetting and forgiving anytime soon.

And the MSM’s frantic desire to move on to a Foley update or whatever doesn’t matter in the least.

As this picture shows, and its instant transmission around the globe via new media confirms, the military, their families and friends understand exactly what Kerry said and meant.  And unlike MSM, they aren’t issuing a pass. 

Read the Freeper thread, especially comment 253:

“You should have heard the discussions at the Pentagon gym locker room today.”

ABC News’ Mark Halperin can waive this off with the comment that the military are “not necessarily the best arbiters of Senator Kerry’s sense of humor.”

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz can assert that “[t]here isn’t anybody, including in the Bush administration, who believes that Kerry meant to insult the soldiers in Iraq with his clumsy joke,” but in so doing he’s not doing anything to help Kerry but only branding himself as contemptuous of the opinion of the men and women in uniform.

Howard must have meant that there isn’t anybody who counts in his opinion.  What are all these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines?  Potted plants?

They heard the insult.  They have heard the explanations.  They are smart people with access to the web.

And they aren’t buying MSM spin.  In fact, the deep contempt for MSM already felt in the media is growing deeper by the hour.

The MSM is now dragging itself into Kerry’s hole by contemptuously dismissing the anger in the military which is deep and very widespread though of course not uniform. 

The Dems and MSM insist on continuing to dig.



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