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What Democrats Really Believe

Thursday, September 28, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Kathryn Jean Lopez points to this amazing roll-call vote on the military tribunals for terrorists bill:  Only 34 Democrats in the House voted to bring these killers to justice in this fashion. 160 Democrats voted against the bill.

K-Lo notes that Democrats Sherrod Brown and Harold Ford were among the 34 –and that they are running for Senate, and have the eyes of the voters upon them.

But let’s be clear:  No serious observor of politcs believes that Brown and Ford would do other than revert to form if elected to the Senate.  They have records of Pelosi-like fealty to the hard left policies of their party, and election year manuevers can’t obscure that reality.

The 160 Democratic votes against the tribunals bill tell the American people exactly what they need to know about the Democratic Party –it is unmoored from the American mainstream.  It is a party concerned with the rights of terrorists and committed to retreat from Iraq.  It has lost it collective mind on issues of national security.  Only when some of its members come close to general elections do those few vote for the centrist policies that previously defined the party of FRD, Truman and JFK.

Sherrod Brown and Harold Ford are attempting to con voters that they are not Democrats of the sort that populate the House and obstruct the Senate.

I doubt very much if this will work.

You can contribute to Mike DeWine’s campaign against Brown here.

And to Bob Corker’s campaign against Ford here.

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