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What A Surprise: Khatemi Wants A Meet With Jimmy Carter t

Wednesday, August 30, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Two articles from the Times of London discuss the morally bankrupt decision to issue a visa to the former president of Iran, a nation now advocating genocide against the Israeli people, denying the Holocaust, and supplying arms to Iraq terrorists trying to and sometimes succeeding in killing and wounding our soldiers.

Khatemi wants to meet with Jimmy Carter. What a surprise.

The Times of London columnist Oliver Kamm overstates the situation when he decalres “Khatami’s host in the US is Jimmy Carter,” but right on target when he charts Carter’s terrible interventions in American foreign policy post presidency.  (Who can forget his helpful role with Kim Jong Il?)

The Times of London’s Diplomatic Editor Richard Beeston is all for another round of Carter-inspired appeasement.

The debate about Khatemi’s visit shouldn’t turn into a Jimmy Carter debate.  It should remain firmly fixed on the awful decision to invite a former leader of a sworn enemy of the country –currently in the field via proxies– to come and generate propaganda on our soil.


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