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Whaddaya Know: CBS Poll Sees Race Tightening

Tuesday, October 7, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yes, this was predictable. The race is going to tighten and there will be many swings between now and election day. No matter who “wins” tonight or next week, this race will be volatile until the very end because of the world in which we live and the public’s ability to absorb vast amounts of new information and base decisions upon the latest information. (Recall Obama’s huge lead in the New Hampshire primary which Hillary won?)

The Palin impact on the race remains extraordinary if underreported, and her impressive showing in last week’s debate continues to energize the GOP base and independent women. The Ayers-Rezko-Wright-Khalidi network is just beginning to be explored and absorbed by the public, and the economic consequences of Obama’s Herbert Hoover program –higher taxes and protectionism– as well as the roots of the financial crisis in the Democrat-protected, Democrat-staffed Freddie and Fannie is also working its way into the public consciousness.

Yes, Obama is ahead. Yes, the race is tightening. Yes, stories as yet unknown will have huge impacts on the race.

I’ll be live-blogging the debate and broadcasting thereafter with a special post-debate show, available on most of my affiliates and everywhere at

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