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We Need a Harangue

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Well, AOC-mania seems to be on the wane.  Oh, I still see her name/Initials virtually every time I scan the headlines, but it seems to be reserved for the conservative-view outlets quoting her latest foot-in-mouth.  She has virtually disappeared from the MSM,  and I am not that surprised.  Now that media has hung this stone around the neck of their Dem friends, they are trying to figure out how to remove it before the they drown.  What I do not for the life of me understand is who thought a not-yet-thirty-year-old should be shoved out front like that? Honestly, from the viewpoint of my more-than-sixty-years she is a child.  And yet, the ideas they put her in front of keep moving.

Vermont appears poised to join New York and Virginia in the infanticide business.  That little factoid set me thinking about a VDH column from yesterday:

The reinvention of vocabulary can often be more effective than any social protest movement. Malarial swamps can become healthy “wetlands.” Fetid “dumps” are often rebranded as green “landfills.”

Amen to that.  He goes on to examine other examples of this phenomena concerning terms like “illegal alien” and “affirmative action.”  If you think about it, that is how these states are getting away with this infanticide – rename it “abortion” and suddenly it does not sound quite so threatening.  We go to amazing lengths to justify ourselves.  Set aside for just a moment the sheer inhumanity of these near-birth abortions which proponents claim would only occur when there were serious medical issues, and consider how often doctors can be wrong.  As a nation we struggle so hard to make sure we do not put convicted murderers to death in case “the system” has made a mistake, but how many children will be killed because a doctor made a mistake?  But we justify this in the name of a woman’s rights, enabled by calling infanticide “abortion.”

No place is this phenomena more apparent in my view than in the fact that somehow calling a sin a sin has now been labeled “hatred.”  MCU’s Starlord, known to Hollywood as Chris Pratt, has been taking significant heat over his association with a church that is plain about the fact that homosexual activity is sinful.  He has talked about the love and support he has received from the church in spite of his own, also sinful, divorce, but so wed are the church’s opponents to this new labeling that they refuse to hear it.

Back in high school I thought it would be funny one time to shortcut some math homework.  Had to do a pretty massive proof. The first thing one does in a proof is set the definitions.  Of course there are common  definitions that one is expected to abide by.  I got the “bright idea” to set the definitions at the beginning of my proof such that the expected 50 step proof was Q.E.D. as soon as it was stated.  So proud was I of my “bright idea” that I snickered as I handed the assignment in – which tipped the teacher off.  She glanced at the paper, grabbed me by the arm and took me into the hallway where I was treated to a harangue.

Turns out she had given this particular proof only to me and one other student – the ones she judged to be exceptionally good math students.  I had grossly disappointed her.  She told me that myself and the other student were the only ones she had ever in 20 years of teaching had any confidence in to actually do the proof.  She went on about how she had had students just as mathematically talented as us, but none that she thought had the maturity to see the project through.  She pointed out how the “trick” I had pulled revealed my above average understanding of mathematics (well for a sophomore in high school anyway) and that all I had done with my gimmick was prove how childish I was.  By the time she was done it was very clear that I had discredited myself, dishonored her and frankly dishonored the cherished traditions of mathematics.  Think about the Jussie Smollett mess.  Talk about a shortcut that dishonors just about everybody and everything involved.

Shortcuts – they are just a childish effort to avoid the work.  That’s all the vocabulary warping is – a shortcut.  Whether it be in the vernation of AOC, the embrace of infanticide, efforts to quash a genuine, honest religious point-of-view or salary negotiations gone terribly and horribly wrong the world around us seems to have become childish.  Shortcuts, led by children.

But it also seems like no one anymore is willing to let forth with a harangue like my high school teacher did towards me.  It’s a cryin’ doggone shame.


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