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We may have fooled ourselves.””

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Mitt Romney opens the final mile of the marathon with a Wall Street Journal op-ed effectively blasting the president’s collapsing policies at home and abroad.

Romney does so as the race tightens in the polls, which are finally beginning to reflect the reality of the race.

ABC/Washington Post poll has it 49 O 47 R among likely voters.

Politico/GWU/Battleground has the same spread, with Romney leading among Independents by 4%.

Rasmussen has the president with a 3 lead.

There’s five weeks to go and the economy is still tanking. Not even the expected drop of the unemployment rate to 8 or 7.9% will change the grim reality outlined here. We are heading into a second recession, one which was wholly avoidable, and only the Fed’s massive intervention has stopped it to date but those jolts of cash cannot keep the wolves away much longer and every measurement shows that, including the fall in manufacturing, the fall in the Leading Economic Indicators, and the fall in the Business Rountable’s survey of CEO confidence.

“We may have fooled ourselves” is a line from the New York Times’ latest drip, drip drip story on the president’s cover-up of the Benghazi massacre, but it applies to so much more than that fiasco.

The Administration may have fooled itself not just about Benghazi but about the entire Arab Spring.

Markets may have fooled themselves about the Fed’s ability to compensate for the ruinous policies of the president and his cluelss cronies.

The Chicago Gang may have fooled itself over whether it could distract an entire electorate from the economic fundamentals.

And the entire country may have fooled itself about Barack Obama in 2008, but it surely cannot be blind to the reality today.

Keep watching those polls tighten as the samples are adjusted to get the pollsters tickets back from Absurdistan. The president will almost certainly win two or even three of the debates by MSM acclamaition, but the Manhattan-Beltway Media Elite Echo Chamber won’t do a thing to change the sinking feeling that comes from a sinking economy and a collapsing foreign policy. (As to the latter, see not only Romney’s piece but also “Losing Iraq” by Frederick Kagan and Kimberly Kagan, and Josh Rogin’s report on how Team Obama is losing the Syrian opposition, as relayed from Senator Lieberman.)

One final morning read: Professor Ronald Rotunda tells you about IPAB, the bureaucratic super-committee that will determine your health care if the president is re-elected.


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