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“We Are Not Going To Erect Barriers And Fences” Part 2

Tuesday, June 5, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here’s Senator McCain’s moment of candor on border security.

It is good to have Patrick posting here on a more frequent basis, but trying to skip past Senator McCain’s iceberg moment won’t fly.

Senator McCain simply does not care what the republican base thinks.  he didn’t care on McCain-Feingold.  He didn’t care on the Gang of 14.  he didn’t care on McCain-Kennedy 1.0 or the treatment and trial of terrorists bill, and he doesn’t care on the fence and McCain-Kennedy 2.0.

That won’t fly, and he didn’t finish in the top 9 tonight for that reason.  Rudy and Mitt won, and the others at least didn’t hurt themselves.  Only Senator McCain said “screw you” to the voters whose votes he needs.

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