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VP Debate Scorecard

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Palin’s Answer

Biden’s Answer

“Can I call you Joe?”


1. Bailout bill. Worse of DC or best?

Go to a kids soccer game on Saturday and ask them. You will hear fear. Fear regarding the few investments. Fear about college costs. Fear as small business owner. The federal government has not provided the oversight. McCain has been representing reform. Brings up McCain’s warnings. Senate colleagues wouldn’t listen to him. Applauds suspension of his own campaign.

Strong answer as well. Given what people expected, very strong.
Evidence that economic policies of last year are the worst economic polices we have ever had. Wall Street run wild. Obama’s four criteria: Oversight. Home owners. Tax payers as investors. CEO not benefiting. Strong strong answer. Very polished.

2. Veep job

John McCain’s comment was about and to the American workforce. What I have done is a track record of reform. Obama has voted along his party lines. No proof of his ability to put is aside. I do respect your years in the Senate, but Americans want something new.

Very strong

I can reach across the aisle.

Back to bailout. “Fundamentals of the economy” comment.

Good attack

3. Who’s to blame for subprime crisis?

Predator lenders. Knock at Wall Street.

Furious pace and she’s shining. Joe six pack/hockey moms. Never again. We have to demand strict oversight. Admonition on debt, and living outside of our means. Personal responsibility as well.

Very strong.

Response: Darn right we need tax relief. Obama and Biden voted for the largest tax increases in US history. Barack 94 times voted for higher taxes. That’s not what we need to bolster our economy. Govt has to be more efficient. Obama supported higher taxes on 42K per year.

Very strong

I’m still on the tax thing. I’m going to talk straight: Every year as mayor I eliminated taxes. As governor we suspended state fuel tax. As for John McCain –he pushed for tougher regulation. Look at campaign finance reform and tobacco.

Obama warned. McCain “surprised.”

Overwhelming deregulation.

Obama was talking about regulation. John calling for deregulation.

Good attack.

Joey Danko: I never have enough money to do it.

Charge is not true.

John McCain voted 477 times to raise taxes. Gov did not answer question about deregulation
4. Taxes. Class warfare?

I do take issue with this redistribution of wealth principle. Barack’s plan is forgetting the millions of small businesses crippling jobs. You said paying higher taxes is patriotic. That’s not patriotic. Patriot is saying Govt is too often the problem. Lessen the burden. The increased tax forumula and a trillion in new spending.

Strong strong strong
Where I come from it is called fairness. Middle class is struggling. No one under 250K will see a penny in tax hikes. That’s simple fairness. This is not punitive.

5. Health care

Obama’s universal gov’t run program: health care being taken over by the gov’t!

Affordability and accessibility.

Another strong answer

My neighborhood Scranton, Exxon-Mobile, huh?

Error to fudge on small business tax burden under Obama.

Lost in details of McCain tax plan.

6. What promises will you have to revoke
Energy plan.

Senator Biden: You will recall that Obama voted for those tax breaks. I had to take on those oil companies. Had top break up a monopoly up there. Value to the people of Alaska.


I haven’t promise much in five weeks. I’ll live up to my promises.

We will have to slow down foreign assistance. Can’t have McCain taxes. Doesn’t answer.

We cannot slow up on….

W are not going to slow up on…

Whiff. Characterizerere…

Obama voted for an energy bill because it had alternative energy.

(Is there something wrong with Biden’s eye makeup?)

Praises Palin. Thank you Joe.
7. Morrtgage holders.
There have been so many changes in conditions in our economy that we need to look back and be appreciative of John McCain’s call for reform from two years ago. His colleagues in the Senate wouldn’t go there with him.

She is impressing me and any fair observer.

My record on energy versus your tickets:
We have to consider doing everything we can to get domestic supplies of energy

East coast politicians that don’t allow Alaska to produce.

Awkward transition, but good subject matter and good to go there since Gwen won’t.

Joe’s frown.

Obama for bankruptcy bill; Obama against it.

Mortgage holders didn’t suffer?

We disagreed. But here’s the deal.

Obama pointed out two years ago and wrote to SecTreasury.

We should be allowing bankruptcy courts to adjust the principal.

8. Climate change –phrased as a gotcha.

The nation’s only arctic state we see this and we know it is real. Cyclical changes as well as man made. I don’t want to argue the causes. I want to work on clean up of planet. We have to encourage other countries. First governor to have sub cabinet task force. Energy independence. Emissions control. An all of the above approach

I think it is man made. I think it is clearly man made.

We know what the cause is. The cause is man made. That’s the cause.

We have 3% and consume 25%.

Joe moving in the worng direction here. Hope Sarah brings up Joe’s “no new coal plants” line.

Drill we must, but it will take 10 years.

Ifill kills the key exchange when Joe is exposed.

The chant is drill baby drill. people are hungry. We are building a key pipeline.

Obama and Biden have said no to everything. You even called drilling “raping” the shelf. New tech and small footprints. You said there isn’t clean coal, and on the rope line.

Ifill interrupts key exchange. Nice block by Ifill for Joe.

“My rope line was out of context.”

Same sex benefits for couples? But not marriage? No, that’s not a MSM biased question is it?

Not if it grows closer and closer to redefinition of traditional marriage. I am tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners. I am tolerant. I have a very diverse family and group of friends. But in that tolerance, no one would propose to prohibit contracts/visitations, but I will tell Americans straight up, one man one woman marriage


Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side the definition of marriage.

Follow up Gwen?
Sons in Iraq or on their way there. Exit strategy

I am thankful we have a plan. The surge has worked. Praise of Petraeus and McCain. The other ticket opposed this surge and opposed funding for our troops there. I respected you when you called him out on that. Nice hard hit.

We don’t need early withdrawal. We have got to win in Iraq. We are down to pre-surge numbers in Iraq, and more troops for Afghanistan. We cannot afford to lose against al Qaeda and Shia extremists.

Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq, You opposed the surge. We will know when we are finished when the Iraq gov’t and army are functioning. You said McCain’s policies were supported by you.

You said Obama was not ready to be commander in chief. Good shots. Compliment to his son and the honor you show our military. Obama: Another story

I didn’t hear a plan. Obama has a plan.

Same plan as Maliki.

Only one left out is John McCain.

Doubles back and double talks on funding. This completely obfuscates.

We will end this war,

No response re Obama. MWRAPs. Does Joe really think this is going to work?
Iran/Pakistan: Which is greatest threat

Both are extremely dangerous. Petraeus and al Qaeda both pointed to Iraq.

A nuclear armed Iran is so extremely dangerous. They cannot be allowed to acquire weapons, period. Israel is in danger. Not sane or stable. Dangerous dictators are the ones Obama would meet with without preconditions … beyond naivete, beyond poor judgment. Boom boom boom. Well done because the substance is right.
Both extremely dangerous. I’m focused on Pakistan. Great display of expertise.

They are “not close” to getting a nuclear weapon that can be deployed!

I hope she hits this

No follow up from ifill, but instead a swift mnove on to 5 SecStates, which helps Biden in phrasing. What about Iran’s ambitions? Not worth a follow up?


Nuclear weapon use?

Furious pace continues. Great debate thus far, and Palin has stayed strong throughout.

Gwen praises Joe and then asks about troops for Darfur

Line that shoudl be drawn?

Hearbeat away question: How would a Biden administration differ?

(Sigh. It will be very interesting to see how Ifill is graded. She has certainly asked everything Obama could have hoped for and nothing so far that would make him cringe.)

Vice president quotes

Cheney belief? What a bizarre question. Cheney view?

Ifuill poses “conventional wisdom” attacks. Is she out of questuions? Has she heard of terrorism? Surveillance issues?

Single issue: Long held view you changed?

How do you change the tone?

Closing statements
Passion for diplomacy is good, mentions Super K, but back to hard slam on dictators and cannot be met with meetings. back on Obama. Beyond bad judgment. Diplomacy is hard work by serious people. Long before presidential summits.

What has this Adminsitration done right or wrong? A two state solution is the solution. Bush Administration still working at this. Israel is our strongest ally. We have to assure them. back to Israel. Embassy in Jerusalem. Israel is a “peace seeking” nation. Very strong.

I am encouraged that we both love Israel. Huge blunders, as there are in every Administration. Positive change is coming. Put the partisanship aside.

Our weapons are a deterrent.

Afghanistan –Bush Admin policy. The surge principles that have worked in Iraq need to be implemented there. Obama said a reckless comment about bombing villages. Nice hit.

Palin doing what Obama was praised for last week- staying level with wise old Joe

Quotes McClellan back to Joe. Very nice. Nice call out of Joe. Clearing holding rebuilding can work in Afghanistan. This is very strong.

“It is so obvious that I am a Washington outsider, not used to how you guys operate.” Incredible hit. Best line of the night.

We can agree on Darfur.

We called for divestment in Darfur.

I have to beg to disagree: You can say what you want to say a month out. The pundits are going to start saying who said what will tell us the truth.

John McCain knows how to win a war. He will know how to work with commanders, take the politics out of the war issues.

Heaven forbid.

We aren’t going to agree on everything. For example ANWR. He wants debate. A team of mavericks. Continue the good work he is so committed to. Get rid of greed and corruption. We need reality from Wasilla Main Street. How the average working class American viewing government. Good hit at government. Frames the race ahead.

Looking backwards again Joe.

Turns to education. Wink at the dad. 3rd graders getting extra credit. Wonderful touch. We have to increase the standards. No Child not doing the job. We need more emphasis on teaching. My kids are public school kids.

Lame attempt at a joke. Of course we know what a vice president does, not just preside over the senate, to support president policies, use our strengths. With me it is energy independence in America, reform, families with special needs. I can’t wait to get there and go to work with you.

I agree we have a lot of flexibility. It is my executive experience that got me picked. Those years put to good use

My experience as an experience, and her life experiences. World view and Reagan quote. Good team good ticket

People aren’t loking for more of thge same. McCain has been the consummate maverick. He’s had to take on his own party. That’s what I have done as gov.

Nice parry of a good Joe moment. Lieberman, Giuliani, Romney, Lingle –diverse backgrounds coming together behind McCain.

These are tumultuous times. We have got to win the war. We have to get rid of entrenched of partisanship.

There have been budgets I did not veto, so there were times I wanted to cut taxes even more, But on the major principled things, no. We find a way to work together in bipartisan efforts.

Bring both sides together.

You do what I did. You appoint people regardless of party. Even in my own family it is very diverse, so I have grown up, at the end of the day. But the policies have to speak for themselves. We support policies that create jobs, control government spending, and get energy. Hits Obama policies again.

I like to answer tough questions without MSM filter. I want to assure you that John McC and I are going to fight for America. I have been there. Iknow what the challenges are. I know what the hurts are. I am proud to be an American. We have to fight for freedom and protect it. Or we will psend our sunset years. Only one man in the race who has really fought for you.

Simply not true. Joe Joe Joe.

Ahmadinejad doesn’t control security apparatus.


“Third person” alert! “Abject failure?”

Hamas/Hezbollah discussion strong for Joe. Good display of expertise.

We will change this policy with diplomacy.

Past is prologue, Gwen.

Bush, Bush Bush.

Facts matter Gwen. Our commanding general in Afghanistan siad surge principles will not work.

Arms control: John McCain voted against Test Ban Treaty. This stuff doesn’t work for either say.

The smirk didn’t help Joe just now.

Joe dodges Darfur troops and goes to Bosnia. “I gave the president the power” arguing that he didn’t expect the invasion? Wandering?

I don’t have a stomach for genocide in Darfur. Good call by Biden for no-fly zone. We should rally the world to act. Great stuff by Biden

Yes. We have to have the capacity.

I never supported John McCain’s strategy on the war.

I would carry out Obama’s policies.

Most important election since 1932. I agree with every major initiative he is suggesting.

Union street in Wilmington…Better off in the last eight years. McCain-Bush. Good set up by Biden. The people in my neighborhood get it. Go to my old neighborhood

I have a history of getting things done in S Senate. I’d be the point person for the leg initiatives in Congress. Wants me with him to help him govern. Every major decision I’ll be in the room. Independent judgment.

Cheney most dangerous vp in history.

My lack of discipline. I am not going to change.

I understand what it is to be a single parent. When my wife died, my sons gravely injured. I am much better off now, but I understand. Very good stuff. I understand as well as the governor, They are looking for help.

He’s been no maverick. This make sense?

Yes, my approach to judicial confirmation. Ideology matters. Led fight against Bork. Honest, but helpful?

I have been able to work across the aisle. Mike Mansfield. Jesse Helms example.


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