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Veepwatch: Is It Too Early To Speculate About Biden’s Replacement In 2012?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Los Angeles Times calls the Veep a punch line. Ouch.

There have been many efforts to dump many veeps over the years as re-election campaigns approach. FDR has three different #2s –Garner, Wallace and Truman. There was a big push to dump RN in 1956. The only thing certain about President Obama’s re-election campaign is that he will cooly assess all of the options. There are already a lot of people under the Obama bus.

VP Biden is already a little long-in-the-tooth and very gaffe prone, and the president will surely not need the “foreign policy credentials” that Joe brought in the summer of 2008 come 2012. Chances are he’ll be looking at a swing state and a dynamic campaigner. Let the speculation begin.

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