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University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos.

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Professor Campos directed a drive-by slag in the direction of Instapundit and me today in the opening paragraphs of his column for the Rocky Mountain News.

XDA’s Roger Fraley responded, many of you e-mailed me, and I invited Professor Campos to be my guest. He acceepted and the interview will air in today’s show, and though quite long, will be transcribed and posted at later tonight.

If you analyze this exchange on your blog, send me a link. I’ll post it here.

UPDATE: Among many of Campos’ extraordinary columns was this one from December 7, 2004, in which he attacks the owner of an Excursion with a “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker, writing in perfect pitch of the left tones of condescension and all-knowingness about a driver he has never seen much less met:

To the owner of the Ford Excursion who implores us to Support Our Troops I say this: You, sir, (or madam) are a monumental jackass. At this moment, American troops are risking their lives to protect your inalienable right to live your life in an impenetrable fog of selfishness and stupidity.

If not for the need to service this grotesque monstrosity on which you squander your money and that of the taxpayers who subsidize your comfortably numb life, those troops you support would not be getting killed and maimed in a country I doubt you could find on a map.

I sometimes wonder if anything short of dynamite can shatter your complacent fantasy that the Iraq war is about bringing democracy to the Middle East.

This column, and Campos’ defense of it, drew a great deal of scorn, including a call from a 14-year veteran of the SEAL teams who drives a gas-guzzler that gets even fewer miles per gallon, as well as this e-mail:


My wife and I are unpatriotic and selfish. We drive a 15-passenger
gas-guzzler. Of course, that might have something to do with our 12
children… 9 adopted… 6 with special needs… 2 in wheelchairs.
I’m particularly unpatriotic. I’ve only served 34 years in the Navy
and Navy Reserve and spent three of the last four years recalled to
Active Duty. We hang our heads in shame.

Moreno Valley

I was happy to have Professor Campos on the program and will invite him back, as it is always useful for the American public to hear directly from the left that animates and increasingly controls the Democratic Party.

UPDATE 2: The Wide Awake Cafe comments.

And SouthwestBlogger.



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