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Unemployment In Italy, Greece and America

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First, the good news: Italians love babies.

Next, the bad news: There are lots of unemployed Italians –with the highest jobless rate there in more than a decade as recession grips the country.

The worse news: Unemployment in Greece has hit 20%, is at 50% for young people, and which has now been marked by a self-immolation.

The worst news of all: This is a preview of coming attractions for the U.S. unless we put our fiscal house in order and reinvigorate the private sector, and as James Pethokoukis explained at length yesterday, that isn’t happening and the job picture underscores this grim reality.

A real merchant of good cheer, Pethokoukis added this happy talk today about wage stagnation. Maybe AEI’s Arthur Brooks should send Pethokoukis to Italy with a baby.

Add to this mix the quickly-swept-under-the-rug January CBO report that predicted a return to 9% unemployment in 2013.

Even the optimistic are at best tepid in their projections of growth, others are confused by the disappointing jobs data yesterday, still others back peddling from prior, rosier forecasts, and the pessimists, well, they see Greece and Italy in our future.

Total it all up and what you get is….grim. Which is why I started this post with a link to a Mommy Blogger, the legions of whom are growing every day. This category of bloggers provides the window on the key demographic for the November election: the young parents who have to be asking themselves can their kids prosper in a country designed and run by Obamians?

Go visit the Top 15 Mommy Blogs –sure there is a list. There’s a list of everything.

Skip around and read through their upbeat, almost always funny and engaging posts. Try Oh My Stars or BlondeMomBlog or NonOmMom with which I began this post. Or a thousand others.

The point is this is where the election of 2012 will be decided, and Team Romney and all the other candidates I think need your help should be focusing on talking plainly about the future of the country if we continue along the European path that President Obama has embarked upon.

You cannot have robust growth and massive deficits. You cannot have a flourishing private sector and a massively expanding federal government. The children of the Mommy Bloggers are going to grow up to a future like that facing the young adults in Greece with their 50% jobless rate unless we make a U-Turn.

Have a peaceful Passover and a Happy Easter, but then get in the game to change the country back to one in which the future is bright and dynamic, not a dreary march through endless explanations of failure and broken promises.

UPDATE: Listeners and readers raised 10K for my “top candidates” this first week of its rollout. Many thanks. If that result can be repeated every week between now and the election, it will certainly have been worth the effort. Whether $5 for one candidate or $2500 for each of them, every donation is very much appreciated, and 100% of the money goes straight to the campaign designated.


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